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Gann Webinar Help

Helpful Tips

How To Access A Purchased Webinar

To access a purchased webinar:

  1. Go to and enter your user name and password (These should have been emailed to you as part of your Order Confirmation. If you are an existing user, just sign on in the normal manner at
  2. Click on "Online"
  3. A full listing of Webinar titles should appear in blue tinted boxes, click on your subscribed title.

How To Receive Credit

As you watch your webinar, you should note the embedded attendance verification codes (It is best to pause the webinar and write down each code as you come upon it). You will need these codes in order to complete the linked evaluation form at the end of the presentation. Credits are issued via certificate, which will be sent to you by regular mail within 30 days of your completion of the webinar if payment has been received.

How to Access Links to Gann Online/Seminar Material

The links provided below the video allow you to go directly to the material being covered in the webinar. Clicking on a link should open a new window to the relevant material. Note - You may be prompted to re-enter your log in information.

Video Troubleshooting