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Ebook Instructions


Allow your Gann Interactive E-Book to format properly before using it.


If you are using Apple iBooks to read this Gann Interactive E-Book, please allow the e-book time to format fully prior to use. The series of dots at the bottom of your screen represents the progress that this e-book has made toward proper formatting. Once all of the dots are bold, you may begin using your Gann Interactive E-Book. Because larger books take longer to format, New Jersey Court Rules Annotated (Gann's largest Interactive E-Book) will take the longest amount of time.


Please note that the formatting process must be repeated each time you change the way your Gann Interactive E-Book is displayed. For example, if you change from single-page (vertical) mode to double-page (horizontal) mode, or if you change fonts or font size, you must wait until the e-book is fully formatted prior to use. Please be patient, it's worth the wait.



Effective August 30, 2012



We are glad that you have decided to purchase a Gann Interactive E-Book. We can't wait for you to see what it can do.

A Gann Interactive E-Book is a digital version of the corresponding legal treatise that is published in print by Gann Law Books. Purchase of the Interactive E-Book entitles you to download not only the treatise commentary and appendices, but also the full text of most cases cited in the treatise commentary. So if you want to go further in your research, you can do that any time, even without an Internet connection. If you are connected to the Internet, you can also view additional content, including updates to the treatise and certain statutes, rules, and regulations, described further below.

Book Information

Information about your Gann Interactive E-Book, including a summary about the author(s), if available, and facts about the copyright, "current through," and edition date, can be read in the first few pages of the Interactive E-Book.

Table of Contents

The best way to jump to any section within a Gann Interactive E-Book is through the "Book Table of Contents," a special feature prepared by Gann. Unlike the general table of contents created by most e-reader software, the "Book Table of Contents" provides a broad overview of the Interactive E-Book's subject matter in condensed form, while allowing you to view an expanded outline of each chapter with a simple tap. The "Book Table of Contents" may be accessed in just two taps - first tapping on the e-reader's general table of contents, then tapping on the "Book Table of Contents."


Moving Through a Gann Interactive E-Book

A Gann Interactive E-Book can be read in the same manner as any other e-book. Unlike most other e-books, however, a Gann Interactive E-Book contains internal and external links:

Internal links include cross-references to other sections of the Gann Interactive E-Book you are viewing or its appendices, as well as most cases discussed in the treatise commentary.

External links are provided for updates to the treatise commentary, certain primary law, and references to other Gann treatises. Tapping on an external link will take you to your Gann Online account, which will require an Internet connection. From there, you must enter your Gann Online user name and password, which will allow you to access the rich resources that Gann Online provides. By clicking on "Save User Name & Password" the first time you log in, you can skip the login process when accessing external links in the future. Additional assistance regarding Gann Online is available here. To return to the text of your Interactive E-Book after accessing an external link, you must exit your browser and return to your e-reader software.

Accessing Specific Content

Case Citations.

- Primary cases.
When you tap on a case citation with an internal link in the text of a Gann Interactive E-Book, you will be taken directly to the full text of that case. To return to the Interactive E-Book text, tap the "Done" or "Back" button in your e-reader's software.

- Secondary cases. Tapping on a case citation with an external link, either in the treatise text or in another case, will take you to the text of that case if available through your Gann Online account. Retrieving the text of case citations with an external link requires an Internet connection.

Citations to Statutes and Other Primary Law. Many Gann Interactive E-Books contain appendices that include statutes and other primary law pertinent to that treatise. Those appendices, which may be accessed through the Table of Contents, are current to the date set forth at the beginning of the Interactive E-Book. To see any updates to the law available through Gann Online, simply tap on the corresponding external link in the treatise commentary.

Citations to Other Gann Treatises. Tapping on a citation to another Gann legal treatise will take you to the online edition of that treatise. If your Gann Online subscription does not include access to that particular treatise, you will be given the immediate opportunity to enhance your subscription to obtain instant access.

Book Page # Citations. All Gann Interactive E-Books include cross-references to the print edition and online version of the corresponding legal treatise. A Book Page # reference is a citation to the print edition page number. Tapping the Book Page # link in a Gann Interactive E-Book will take you to the treatise's online version, which will allow you to update your research and access the most current information. Once online, you will see a
What's New? button at the top of any paragraph that has been or could be impacted by a new case or statute since the treatise's publication date. Tapping the What's New? button calls up any updates that may be relevant to that paragraph.

Functions Specific to Particular E-Reader Software

We have found that the best platforms for viewing a Gann Interactive E-Book are Apple iBooks and Aldiko or Matano e-reader software. Other e-reader software may require settings adjustments to allow for proper formatting and functionality. If you have difficulty viewing any portion of a Gann Interactive E-Book, you may access the entire text of the corresponding treatise and all appendices through your Gann Online account.

Certain functions of a Gann Interactive E-Book - specifically, turning pages, returning to a previously-viewed page, searching, highlighting, and bookmarking - depend on the particular e-reader software being used. Please refer to your e-reader instructions for more information.

Use Bound by Licensing Agreement

Users of all Gann Interactive E-Books are bound by the Gann Interactive E-Book Licensing Agreement, available at