About Gann Law

Established in 1936, GANN LAW BOOKS is a widely recognized and respected publisher of legal treatises that focus on New Jersey law, with commentary that is frequently cited as authority by the New Jersey courts.

Since 1969, Gann has published New Jersey Court Rules Annotated, the single most authoritative work on procedure under the New Jersey Civil, Criminal, Family, Municipal, Tax and Appellate Court rules.

Other Gann treatises that are commonly relied on by legal practitioners and the courts include:

  • New Jersey Rules of Evidence Annotated
  • New Jersey Federal Practice Rules Annotated
  • New Jersey Criminal Code Annotated
  • New Jersey Zoning and Land Use Law
  • New Jersey Attorney Ethics
  • New Jersey Auto Insurance Law

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Recently, we began making our quality legal content available in other formats, including legal webinars and seminars, online materials, and e-books. We invite you to contact us to ask about or sample any of our products. We're sure you'll like what you see.

New Jersey is a unique state. It's our job to help you understand the law here.