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2018 NJ Statutes Title 59 - Claims Against Public Entities - Print/Online

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231 N.J. 122; 452 N.J. Super. 142; L. 2017 c. 240

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N.J. cases app'd for pub. on June 18, 2018; U.S. Sup Ct cases through 197 L.Ed.2d 662; N.J. Chap. Laws through L. 2018 c. 15

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NJ Statutes Title 59 - Claims Against Public Entities - Print/Online

N.J. Claims Against Public Entities
Comments and Annotations by Harry A. Margolis and Robert Novack

Full text of Title 59, both Tort and Contract Acts, with section by section commentary clarifying procedural requirements and provisions regarding the liability and immunity of public entities and employees. Also includes the 1972 Report of the Attorney Generals Task Force on Sovereign Immunity, which is the policy basis for both Acts.

 About The Authors 

Harry A. Margolis & Robert Novack

Harry Margolis was born and raised in Newark. He attended Rutgers Law School and was admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 1955. In 1972 he was appointed to the Essex County Court, in 1976 to the Superior Court and left the bench in 2000 after serving on recall following the mandatory retirement age of 70.

Judge Margolis was recognized for his efforts in the establishment of the Inn of Court movement in New Jersey and served for more than ten years as president of the Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. Inn of Court, the first Inn of Court in New Jersey.

Throughout his life, Judge Margolis demonstrated the temperament, demeanor, professionalism, integrity and pride that set an example for all members of the practicing bench and bar.

Robert Novack joined Edwards & Angell, LLP after eighteen years of private practice in New Jersey. Mr. Novack’s practice encompasses the fields of securities fraud, officer and director liability, shareholder derivative actions, professional negligence, employment litigation, civil fraud, unfair competition, business torts, public entity liability, contract disputes, franchise disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes. Mr Novack is a graduate of Rutgers University and the University of Miami School of Law.

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