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Gann Treatises
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With the Full Text of Court Decisions a Tap Away.
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If you recently received the print edition of a particular treatise and
would like to return it and purchase the Interactive E-Book instead, click here.

What is a Gann Interactive E-Book?

A Gann Interactive E-Book is a digital version of a Gann legal treatise in e-pub format, with hyperlinks to the full text of New Jersey cases and statutes and other primary law cited in the treatise commentary. So whenever you want to read a particular case, statute, rule, or regulation discussed in the treatise commentary and made available by Gann, you can simply tap the citation link and jump right to it.

How does it work?

We've put your favorite Gann treatises in e-pub format so they're available to you any time, even if you don't have Internet access. When you download a Gann Interactive E-Book, you receive not only the treatise text and appendices, but also the full text of most cases discussed in the treatise commentary. If you have access to the Internet, you will also be able to link directly to the current version of most other primary law discussed in the treatise. You can also view all updates to the treatise since the last date of publication. Your research is complete!

What devices can I use to read a Gann Interactive E-Book?

The Gann Interactive E-Book is currently available for download onto Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices, as well as most Android phones and tablets except Kindles. For additional details, see the Gann Interactive E-Book License Agreement.

Important Note for Users of Android Tablets: The inability of Android tablets to handle the size of New Jersey Court Rules Annotated with Full Text of Cited Court Decisions requires that we exclude from the Android tablet version of that e-book the full text of court decisions reported prior to Volume 122 of NJ Reports (1991) and Volume 245 of NJ Superior Court Reports (1991). However, all volumes of NJ and NJ Superior Court Reports continue to be available with the Online Edition of New Jersey Court Rules Annotated, which is included with the purchase of the New Jersey Court Rules Annotated e-book at no extra charge. So you will still have access to these court decisions and more whenever you are connected to the Internet. This limitation does not apply to the iPad version of the New Jersey Court Rules Annotated e-book.

How do I purchase and download a Gann Interactive E-Book?

Before purchasing and downloading a Gann Interactive E-Book, you must have the appropriate e-reader app installed on the device you wish to use to access the e-book. We recommend iBooks for Apple devices and Aldiko or Mantano for Android devices.

You may purchase a Gann Interactive E-Book here. Once you complete your order, you will be redirected to a new web page that will allow you to download one copy of the Gann Interactive E-Book to your device. As an alternative, you may download any Gann Interactive E-Book that you have purchased through your Gann Online account. After you have downloaded your Gann Interactive E-Book to your device, simply follow your e-reader app's instructions for opening e-pub files. Please note, once the e-book has been downloaded, it is not returnable.

What if I don't have a Gann Online account?

All Gann Interactive E-Books come with online access to that book which will expire upon publication of the next print edition, roughly one year after publication of the prior print edition. After you purchase your Gann Interactive E-Book, you will be given an opportunity to create an account if you don't have one already.

May I return the print edition of a particular treatise and purchase an Interactive E-Book instead?

If you recently received a print edition of a particular treatise and would like to purchase the corresponding Gann Interactive E-Book instead, you may return the print edition with the shrink wrap intact to Gann Law Books, 550 Broad Street, Suite 906, Newark, NJ 07102. Please include your invoice or customer number so that we may credit your account appropriately. You may purchase the Interactive E-Book here.

How do I return a Gann Interactive E-Book?

Upon completion of your purchase of a Gann Interactive E-Book, you will be given permission to download the e-book onto your own device. Once the e-book has been downloaded, it is not returnable. However, you may return or exchange any Gann Interactive E-book that you have purchased before it is downloaded by contacting us and confirming your return or exchange with a Gann representative. We must remove all download privileges for the e-book before we can process the return or exchange.

Where can I get answers to additional questions?

For more information, view the instructions for How To Use a Gann Interactive E-Book, or contact us.

* Certain content is available only with an Internet connection. Use of a Gann Interactive E-Book is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Gann Interactive E-Book License Agreement, available here.

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