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2018 Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence

Next edition to be published on or about January 2019



The 2018 Print Edition: Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence, With Comments and Annotations by Hon. Mark I. Bernstein is now being sold exclusively by LexisNexis.

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The Online Edition to this treatise is available through Gann Law Books. It is provided to purchasers of the Print Edition, at no additional charge.

The Online Edition is readily searchable and updated throughout the year, in between annual Print Editions. Most importantly, it includes the full text of cited court decisions.

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Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence

A comprehensive treatise, the perfect place to begin researching a complex issue. And a handy, portable reference tool for use in court. Judge Bernstein’s comments present Pennsylvania’s unique perspective on the Rules of Evidence and underscores the importance of looking for the meaning of each rule within its State-law context.

About The Author 

Mark I. Bernstein

The Honorable Mark I. Bernstein has served as a trial Judge on the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County since 1987.

Judge Bernstein serves on the Civil Instruction Subcommittee of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Committee for Standard Jury Instructions, which publishes Jury Instructions for use by Judges and lawyers on all aspects of civil law.

Judge Bernstein is the recipient of the Foundation for Improvement of Justice Annual Award for the year 1999. This prestigious National Award is given for innovative programs which have proven effective and can serve as a model for others.

Judge Bernstein has written extensively on the law. He was Chairman of the Board of Editors for the book "The Bill of Rights: A Bicentennial View," a series of lawyers' essays published by the Pennsylvania Bar Association. He contributed two essays, "Judicial Decision Making" and "A Meditation on Judicial Morality," for "The Judge's Book," which is published by the American Bar Association and the National Judicial College. He has written a comprehensive analysis of "Expert Testimony in Pennsylvania," published by Temple Law Review. Articles authored by Judge Bernstein have appeared in "Judicature," "Court Review," "The Responsive Community," "The Philadelphia Lawyer," and "Trial Magazine."

Judge Bernstein has extensively lectured to Judges and lawyers around the country on the law and evidence.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and before taking the bench Judge Bernstein was in the private practice of law specializing in litigation.

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