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Quality Commentary Frequently Cited By New Jersey Courts

Since 1969, Gann has published New Jersey Court Rules Annotated, the single most authoritative work on procedure under the New Jersey Civil, Criminal, Family, Municipal, Tax and Appellate Court rules.

Other Gann treatises that are commonly relied on by legal practitioners and the courts include:

  • New Jersey Rules of Evidence Annotated
  • New Jersey Federal Practice Rules Annotated
  • New Jersey Criminal Code Annotated
  • New Jersey Zoning and Land Use Law
  • New Jersey Attorney Ethics
  • New Jersey Auto Insurance Law

Practice areas covered by Gann Treatises include:

Appellate Practice, Civil Court Practice, Corporations, Criminal Law, Education, Ethics, Family Law, Federal Practice, Inheritance and Estates, Insurance Law, Land Use, Municipal Court Practice, Personal Injury and Tort Law, Police Law, Public Employment and Pennsylvania Practice.

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Gann Online

Gann’s Proprietary Electronic Research System
Integrating New Jersey Primary Law With Gann Commentary

Gann Online lets you do several things more easily and more quickly than any other research source, including:

  • Gain instant access from any Internet location to all subscribed Gann treatises and related primary databases including New Jersey statutes, Court Rules, Rules of Evidence, etc. and the full text of cited cases.
  • Gain instant access to updates to your print version of Gann's publications through Gann Online's unique "What's New" feature.
  • Conduct full-text electronic searches of any of Gann Online's databases and find relevant material quickly and easily.
  • Readily navigate between related materials using hotlinks to different databases, including the full-text of cited treatises, rules, statutes and cases.
  • Cut and paste from your research directly into your word processor.

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You can preview the online table of contents and sample the online search for each book on the corresponding store pages.


Familiar Gann Treatises Optimized For Your iPad or Android Tablet

What is a Gann Interactive E-Book?

A Gann Interactive E-Book is a digital version of a Gann legal treatise in e-pub format, with hyperlinks to the full text of New Jersey cases and statutes and other primary law cited in the treatise commentary. So whenever you want to read a particular case, statute, rule, or regulation discussed in the treatise commentary and made available by Gann, you can simply tap the citation link and jump right to it.

  • Link to Primary Law
  • Search the Text
  • Bookmark Pages
  • Highlight Text
  • Add Notes
  • Keep Current with Free Online Access

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Live Seminars and On-Demand Webinars
Bringing Gann Quality to Continuing Legal Education in New Jersey.

Live Seminars

Gann seminars feature the best and brightest legal minds in the state.

Attendee Testimonials:I thought the way the Panel presented this course was extremely informative and very well instructed. • Good speakers, great timekeeper. Pleasure when something starts, ends on time. • Excellent speakers, great course materials.


Gann On-Demand Webinars are a convenient and cost-effective way to earn CLE credits.° Gann Webinars allow you to earn credits on your computer on your schedule.

September 23, 2017
The Crystal Ballroom Located at The Ramada Plaza
160 Frontage Road, Newark, New Jersey 07114

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